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Referencing an academic paper is particularly important because
  • It acknowledges the sources of information utilised
  • It enables a reader to access the material you have referenced
  • It is regarded as a badge of professionalism and scholarship
The most widely used system is the Harvard system of referencing although others are used. Its principal advantages are that it is widely used and that it eliminates the need for footnotes. Essentially, two modes are citation are used, one for mid-sentence and the other for the end of a sentence.

e.g. 1 Smith(2002) argues...
e.g. 2 The references are abundant (Smith, 2002)

References to a source that are contained in another source (such as a textbook) should be cited as:

e.g. 3 A study by Smith (1960, cited by Jones,1994, p.24) showed that..

You then need to list the work you have used, i.e. Jones, in the main List of References. Each citation in the text should then be inserted alphabetically into the List of References at the end of the Project. There should be a 1:1 correspondence between the works cited in the text and the List of References i.e.
  • If it is cited in the text then it should appear in the List of References
  • The List of References should contain only those works that have been cited in the text
For a fuller explanation of the use of the system consult the Bournemouth University Harvard System

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