DO NOT PANIC! Don't panic

If you think time is running out, don't panic!

  1. Try to write a little each day. 500 words is quite a good target.

  2. Reward yourself after every task! Go out for a drink after you have set yourself a target and achieved it.

  3. If you have a 'final year project' buddy, then you can read over and help motivate each other as you write.

  4. You may find it useful to sketch out some of the major themes of each chapter leaving 'holes' in a chapter that you can fill in later.

  5. Think of several subheadings in each chapter and then organise your writing around this. Remember that 5 chapters each of 5 sections would be 400 words per section.

  6. Do not think you have to do all of your reading at once. Do enough to get started and then read extra as you need to, in the course of your writing.

  7. Remember that some powerful thought on your part may be worth more than an extra dozen references!

  8. Timetable and schedule your remaining tasks.

  9. Do not wait forever for data/sources that do not arrive. Think your way around the absence of them!

  10. See or email your tutor if you are really stuck!